Meet Michelle and Tim Miller. After raising 3 kids together, spending over 20 years coaching football and developing a real estate team that reached the Top 20 PA/Delaware RE/MAX teams, Tim and Michelle are traveling the world with their hilarious comedy hypnosis show. The couple’s friendship and love for each other after over 25 years of marriage is incredible. Although the international hypnosis show is the funniest entertainment on the planet, their lives off stage are often just as hilarious. Tim’s mission each day is to make Michelle laugh, whether he is on stage or off. Each episode, join in on the adventures of Tim and Michelle as they prepare and perform live on stage, along with handle the daily opportunities and challenges that come along with being parents, friends and married for over 25 years. Come ready to laugh, and sometime cry, with Tim and Michelle Miller.

Tim Miller

Motivational Hypnotist and Speaker Tim Miller starred in the 2018 reality TV series, Hypnotizing America.

This proud husband, father of Autumn (30), Ryan (28) and Tim (26) wakes up each morning with a simple goal to make his wife, Michelle, laugh(and embarrass her, according to Michelle). Michelle and Tim have enjoyed over 25 years of marriage and have a friendship unlike any other. Building their relationship on their faith, they now travel around the world entertaining and motivating all demographic of people with their Hypnotizing America show. What the audience does not know, though, is that their life together is often crazier than the hilarious and unique hypnosis and TV show.

This former NCAA Division 1 Head Football Coach, educator and current Hypnotist/Speaker lives each day as if it will be his last. Michelle describes daily life with Tim as “…an adventure that never ends”. Michelle explains further, “Anytime we have completed an activity or show, regardless of how big or small, he will say ON TO THE NEXT ADVENTURE. Then, he makes sure that it is an adventure”.  In 2019, show and speaking request were so great, the couple hit the road with their RV TOUR 2019-2020 across America.

Tim was blessed to grow up surrounded with love, support and diversity. Spending much of his childhood in the community of Penllyn, a PA African American Community, he learned at a very young age that love does not discriminate. Growing up in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, Tim was fortunate to have a biological family that encouraged diversity. This allowed him to see the good in all people regardless of race. Tim uses his unique and diverse experiences learned through out his life on stage, allowing him to motivate all demographics, regardless of age, ethnicity, race and/or interest through each performance.

Tim also leads a real estate team that has ranked in the Top 20 for RE/MAX in the PA and Delaware regions. During Tim’s educational career, he had the opportunity teach elementary, middle school, high school and college. This expansive experience working with young people makes Tim to a huge hit when performing for a very young audience.

As a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years, Tim is extremely disciplined with his work out regiment, lifting weights and playing basketball with players more than half his age. This interaction on the basketball court is valuable since their show audience is often young adults.  Tim has a passion to motivate sports teams, along with corporations, using hypnosis to increase production.

Although Tim is passionate about all aspects of his life, he works daily to improve his faith. Tim and Michelle hope to spread their faith more through their actions then their words. Both have been proud members of Christ Church of the Valley in Royersford, PA since 2003.

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller was born on January 15, 1967 in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, USA as Michelle Denine Burrell. She grew up in Ambler, PA with her parents and 6 siblings. Her family moved to Penllyn and It is there where she was first introduced to her brother’s childhood friend, Tim,who would years later become her husband and best friend. Tim and Michelle have 3 grown children together. She cherishes the time spent with immediate and extended family.

Michelle is the one who encouraged Tim to start taking classes in hypnotism. She has always supported his dreams and that was no different when she was asked to fill-in for the DJ that first started performing with Tim. The couple soon realized that the audience loved the husband and wife duo and decided to stop looking for a replacement DJ. When not performing and/or “goofing around” with her husband, Michelle enjoys spending time with her pets and playing or watching tennis. She adores fashion and would like to someday like to bring her designs alive by having her own line of tennis clothing and jewelry.

Panda Bear Miller

Hi, Everybody…my name is Panda Bear Miller. I’m really shy. I try not to squirt people when I first meet them but I can’t help it…it just comes out. So when you meet me and I sit down, just watch out It’s really embarrassing but it’s kinda automatic..sorry. . I live with my Mom, Dad and my older brother Cody. He’s really cool!! I do whatever he does. He loves to play with me, too! If he’s resting, I just go over and lick his face and he wakes right up! I get sad when Mom and Dad go away to a show. But they always come back for me. They take me outside and let me run, run, run. There are some deer outside but they don’t let me play with them. It’s okay though because I’m not allowed to go into the woods where they live, anyway. Oh, did I forget to mention my Mom’s “babies”. They’re names are Pocket and Roo. Scary little fellas. They are really small but they like to jump on me. Really scary.

Cody cub Miller

Hey, I’m Cody Cub Miller. I’m the leader of the Miller family. First, because I’m the oldest at 17…which is 119 in dog years. Second, because I’m the toughest. I LOVE to eat and sleep. I let everyone know when it’s time to eat, sleep or drink. I can’t see anymore, don’t hear well and my back legs fail me sometimes but that doesn’t stop me. I still make sure the house is in order. That playing stuff is for my younger brother Panda. He’s only 2. I tolerate him most of the time but the kid constantly jumps all over me. Well…time to take a nap.

Pocket and roo Miller

Hi, I’m Pocket. Mom named me that because I love to ride around in her pocket. This is Roo. His name is Roo because we are part of the Kangaroo family. Roo rides in moms pocket with me. We’re Sugar Gliders! Mom calls us her sugar babies. Can’t tell us apart? Only Mom can. She says it’s because Roo is more of a brownish color and also has a thicker stripe on his forehead. We love things that taste sweet. Mom is pretty strict with our diet though. Aside from playing together we love catching a ride on Panda. He doesn’t like it but we think it’s really fun. He gets scared and runs a little and we just hold on tight and bounce, bounce, bounce! Then of course Mom comes and ruins the fun by taking us off. You may have seen us before on stage with Mom and Dad. People love to come over to our cage and talk with us. Keep watching mom and dad. They’re really funny!


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