Hi, Everybody…my name is Panda Bear Miller. I’m really shy. I try not to squirt people when I first meet them but I can’t help it…it just comes out. So when you meet me and I sit down, just watch out It’s really embarrassing but it’s kinda automatic..sorry. . I live with my Mom, Dad and my older brother Cody. He’s really cool!! I do whatever he does. He loves to play with me, too! If he’s resting, I just go over and lick his face and he wakes right up! I get sad when Mom and Dad go away to a show. But they always come back for me. They take me outside and let me run, run, run. There are some deer outside but they don’t let me play with them. It’s okay though because I’m not allowed to go into the woods where they live, anyway. Oh, did I forget to mention my Mom’s “babies”. They’re names are Pocket and Roo. Scary little fellas. They are really small but they like to jump on me. Really scary.