Michelle Miller was born on January 15, 1967 in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, USA as Michelle Denine Burrell. She grew up in Ambler, PA with her parents and 6 siblings. Her family moved to Penllyn and It is there where she was first introduced to her brother’s childhood friend, Tim,who would years later become her husband and best friend. Tim and Michelle have 3 grown children together. She cherishes the time spent with immediate and extended family.

Michelle is the one who encouraged Tim to start taking classes in hypnotism. She has always supported his dreams and that was no different when she was asked to fill-in for the DJ that first started performing with Tim. The couple soon realized that the audience loved the husband and wife duo and decided to stop looking for a replacement DJ. When not performing and/or “goofing around” with her husband, Michelle enjoys spending time with her pets and playing or watching tennis. She adores fashion and would like to someday like to bring her designs alive by having her own line of tennis clothing and jewelry.