Motivational Hypnotist and Speaker Tim Miller starred in the 2018 reality TV series, Hypnotizing America.

This proud husband, father of Autumn (30), Ryan (28) and Tim (26) wakes up each morning with a simple goal to make his wife, Michelle, laugh(and embarrass her, according to Michelle). Michelle and Tim have enjoyed over 25 years of marriage and have a friendship unlike any other. Building their relationship on their faith, they now travel around the world entertaining and motivating all demographic of people with their Hypnotizing America show. What the audience does not know, though, is that their life together is often crazier than the hilarious and unique hypnosis and TV show.

This former NCAA Division 1 Head Football Coach, educator and current Hypnotist/Speaker lives each day as if it will be his last. Michelle describes daily life with Tim as “…an adventure that never ends”. Michelle explains further, “Anytime we have completed an activity or show, regardless of how big or small, he will say ON TO THE NEXT ADVENTURE. Then, he makes sure that it is an adventure”.  In 2019, show and speaking request were so great, the couple hit the road with their RV TOUR 2019-2020 across America.

Tim was blessed to grow up surrounded with love, support and diversity. Spending much of his childhood in the community of Penllyn, a PA African American Community, he learned at a very young age that love does not discriminate. Growing up in the 1970’s and ‘80’s, Tim was fortunate to have a biological family that encouraged diversity. This allowed him to see the good in all people regardless of race. Tim uses his unique and diverse experiences learned through out his life on stage, allowing him to motivate all demographics, regardless of age, ethnicity, race and/or interest through each performance.

Tim also leads a real estate team that has ranked in the Top 20 for RE/MAX in the PA and Delaware regions. During Tim’s educational career, he had the opportunity teach elementary, middle school, high school and college. This expansive experience working with young people makes Tim to a huge hit when performing for a very young audience.

As a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years, Tim is extremely disciplined with his work out regiment, lifting weights and playing basketball with players more than half his age. This interaction on the basketball court is valuable since their show audience is often young adults.  Tim has a passion to motivate sports teams, along with corporations, using hypnosis to increase production.

Although Tim is passionate about all aspects of his life, he works daily to improve his faith. Tim and Michelle hope to spread their faith more through their actions then their words. Both have been proud members of Christ Church of the Valley in Royersford, PA since 2003.