Hi, I’m Pocket. Mom named me that because I love to ride around in her pocket. This is Roo. His name is Roo because we are part of the Kangaroo family. Roo rides in moms pocket with me. We’re Sugar Gliders! Mom calls us her sugar babies. Can’t tell us apart? Only Mom can. She says it’s because Roo is more of a brownish color and also has a thicker stripe on his forehead. We love things that taste sweet. Mom is pretty strict with our diet though. Aside from playing together we love catching a ride on Panda. He doesn’t like it but we think it’s really fun. He gets scared and runs a little and we just hold on tight and bounce, bounce, bounce! Then of course Mom comes and ruins the fun by taking us off. You may have seen us before on stage with Mom and Dad. People love to come over to our cage and talk with us. Keep watching mom and dad. They’re really funny!